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Dog Grooming Maintenance

As a groomer, I understand the desire to have the perfect dog come in for their grooming session; one that is excited to be there, cooperative on the table, and leaves content with their new look. While this is often the case, there are times when a dog may be nervous, scared, or resistant to grooming.

In such instances, it is important to provide regular grooming sessions and a calm, quiet environment to help ease their nerves. I make sure to give these dogs frequent breaks during their grooming to allow them to stretch their legs, have a drink, and explore their surroundings. This approach helps to build their confidence and comfort in the grooming setting.

Furthermore, regular grooming sessions can help prevent negative associations from forming in a dog that may have had a difficult experience in the past. It is important to establish a positive relationship with grooming for all dogs, so I encourage pet owners to schedule regular grooming sessions to maintain their pet's well-being and enjoyment of the grooming process.

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