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Lead VS Harness

As a dog owner, I have bought various leads and harnesses over the years for my pups. It's crucial to find a lead or harness that suits both you and your dog for a comfortable and enjoyable walking experience. Personally, I prefer harnesses, especially for puppies, as they offer more security and comfort. My dog Kipper is a breeze to walk with when he's in his harness, while Penny can be a handful, and a harness gives me more control over her when she gets too excited.

Both leads and harnesses are excellent for keeping your dog close during walks, but it's essential to choose the right one for you and your pup. In my experience, transitioning from a harness to a lead is best once your dog learns to walk calmly by your side. However, some dog owners may start with a lead once their pup learns recall.

Flexi leads are popular among many dog owners as they extend and retract, allowing your dog to wander further while still being tethered. I don't use flexi leads myself as they can be challenging to control when fully extended, especially in unsafe areas. So, be careful when using them.

For harnesses, I highly recommend the Julius K-9 brand, which my dogs currently use. They are comfortable, secure and customizable with stick-on labels.

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